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Comments are welcome and are an important part of this site. Readers are encouraged to leave comments in the posts. When you leave on comment on this site, you do so with the understanding and knowledge of the information on this page. This is our official Comment Policy.

Questions will be answered in the comments at my discretion. I apologize, but I may be unable to answer every comment on every post. I may, however,  answer inquiries personally via e-mail and may not also publish the comment. Please do not be offended if your comment is not responded to at all.

You must use a valid e-mail address when sending in a comment. E-mail addresses are hidden from the public view and will not be used for any other purpose, nor are they shared or published in any way. If your e-mail address isn’t valid, your comment will not be published, and you may not be able to have my response.

If no comment field appears at the end of a published post and comments, that means that the post is closed for comments and I don’t wish to comment further on it for various reasons. If you have a question, and it’s been unanswered in the comments previously, you may use the Contact Form and email me your question, but I can not guarantee a reply.

1. Comments and URLs which link to commercial websites or blogs will be deleted. (No SPAM Comments!)
The exception is if the link is part of the discussion, or If someone asks where they can find a certain study,  item or product, and another reader leaves a comment with a link to where it can be obtained.

2. Please do not leave the name or URL to your website, blog, or business in the body of your comment.
There is a space for that after the fields where you enter your name, e-mail address, and if applicable, that is where you can list your blog or website. Your name will automatically link to your website or blog. (Your e-mail address will always be hidden, although it must be valid for the comment to appear.) URLs that don’t relate to comments will be stripped out.

3. Please do not leave the name of your blog or business where your name should be. This is considered SPAM.
The exception to that if you are linking to an entry on your blog or website that is relevant to the discussion. Examples include if you’ve attempted a similar post on your website or blog that adds to the discussion.

4. Comments may be edited for grammar, spelling, or content.
When you leave a comment on this site, you do so with the understanding that it may get edited or deleted. Although I rarely delete comments, I reserve the right to do so and when you leave a comment, please do so with the knowledge that it may be edited, or deleted.

5. Comments may be moderated and may not appear on the blog without approval.
In addition, comments left without a valid e-mail address will not be published. (Your e-mail address is never published, made public, or shared, but it’s part of a verification process.)

6. Comments may be deleted at any time, without notice.

7. If you find a broken link or typographical error, you may wish to point it out.
Be aware that this is a blog and due to the nature of blogs, those are likely to happen and if you must mention it, please do so in a polite manner. This is appreciated.

8. Diverse points of view are welcome but please keep the conversation civil.
Comments often become forums for discussion amongst readers and users of the site.  While this is encouraged, rude behavior, cursing, name-calling or baiting comments will be edited or deleted.

9. Anything written in ALL CAPS will be deleted.

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