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In this section, I will be highlighting some developments in the world of cancer research and treatment. I hope you find these articles helpful and by all means point me to any that you come across that you think others would benefit from reading!

Ovarian Cancer Vaccine

Doctors at UConn Health are working on a personalized vaccine for ovarian cancer.  The study, which is awaiting approval for human trials, involves “defin[ing] the fingerprint of each tumor and mak[ing] a drug … a vaccine, for that patient’s tumor based on that patient’s information.”  The wheels keep rolling on toward a cure!  See the […]

Does Mood Affect Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment?

In my book, The Layman’s Guide to Surviving Cancer (in the subchapter entitled Be Up, So You Won’t Go Down For The Count), I discuss how depression may affect the chances for surviving cancer, both because mood can affect the body’s physical reactions to the disease and treatment but also because patients with a better, […]

Breast Cancer Blood Test

An Israeli company has developed a blood test that can be used to detect early-stage breast cancer. The test identifies antibodies in the blood that indicate the presence of cancer.  This new technology raises the possibility of earlier, essentially non-invasive detection and, hopefully, earlier and more successful treatment.  Check it out at http://israel21c.org/health/israelis-develop-first-blood-test-for-breast-cancer/.

Anti-Cancer Club Interview

I recently did an interview with The Anti-Cancer Club, discussing my approach to dealing with cancer, how I help others do so and my book, The Layman’s Guide To Surviving Cancer: From Diagnosis Through Treatment And Beyond.  You can see the write up here http://accnutritionalbootcamp.com/accblog/the-laymans-guide-to-surviving-cancer-from-diagnosis-through-treatment-and-beyond-by-howard-bressler/.  In healing, Howard

A Cancer Vaccine?

Another very interesting and promising development in the world of cancer treatment.  Vaxil Bio Therapeutics, a biotechnology company in Israel, has created a vaccine with the potential to prevent the recurrence of 90% of cancers.  The vaccine is in clinical trials at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem and is being administered to patients with multiple myeloma.  The […]