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Each week I hope to profile a study or article that relates in some way to the treatment of cancer or approaches that may assist cancer patients in coping with their treatments and their disease. Please check back here often as new studies are added.

Get Happy, Give Happy, Get Healthy

Positive social interactions and, particularly, interactions in which we focus on bringing happiness to others actually have positive, non-inflammatory cellular effects on our bodies.

Why Me? Why Not Me?

In my book, The Layman’s Guide To Surviving Cancer, I discuss an issue that touches most cancer patients at some point, either at their initial diagnosis or somewhere along the way on their road to survival: “Why me?”  It’s a question that affects us on numerous levels.  In an initial sense, “why me” asks why […]

Sleep Disruption and Cancer

In my book, The Layman’s Guide To Surviving Cancer, I discuss the link between sleep and cancer progression and healing (“To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (About Being Healthy),” pp. 98-102).  I address in that section several studies linking insufficient or disrupted sleep patterns and abnormalities in one’s circadian clock with the development and progression of cancer, and […]

Daily Aspirin Use and Ovarian Cancer

A recent meta-analysis suggests that aspirin or NSAID use may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Intake of fish and marine n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and risk of breast cancer: meta-analysis of data from 21 independent prospective cohort studies

A recent meta-analysis synthesizing the results of 21 prior studies found a reduced risk of breast cancer among people who consumed certain polyunsaturated fatty acids, often associated with fish consumption.