All Things Cancer Webcast

I recently took part in a webcast for All Things Cancer with renowned epidemiologist Dr. Richard Clapp and Pat Wetzell, focusing on toxic exposures and cancer causation.  We covered a variety of topics, including how certain substances are categorized as carcinogenic, the importance of dose and routes of exposure and how to get the information you […]

Chocolate Garbanzo Muffins

Many of us going through cancer or its treatments strive to eat a healthier diet.  However, at the same time, we all feel the need to indulge a bit in our diets, whether that’s because we are having trouble tolerating certain foods and want something we will have an easier time handling, we crave something […]

Why We Fight

It’s been a while since I posted any new status entries.  Life has been busy with good things.  Work is keeping me occupied, my oldest daughter left for a gap year/study year abroad and my younger daughter is in the all-important 11th grade, preparing for college entrance exams and deciding what her path will be […]

Milk, Honey and a Cure for Cancer?

Israeli researchers have made many advances in the field of cancer detection, treatment and cure, ranging from immunology, proteins, vaccines scans.

Get Happy, Give Happy, Get Healthy

Positive social interactions and, particularly, interactions in which we focus on bringing happiness to others actually have positive, non-inflammatory cellular effects on our bodies.